Change Log

Changes to the website

Date:Description:Made By:
04/09/2005Added "Settings" link for the change-password form.Donovan Bernauer
04/06/2005Added account name display to the change-password form.Donovan Bernauer
04/06/2005Re-cropped and zoomed the background image.Donovan Bernauer
04/02/2005Enabled the "Change Your Password" feature.Donovan Bernauer
03/31/2005Minor color corrections to the navigation menu and to tables.Donovan Bernauer
03/31/2005Changed background image to a cropped "busy" section, rather than a zoomed print.Donovan Bernauer
03/30/2005Release Candidate 1.Donovan Bernauer
03/30/2005Download prompts no longer imposed by the web server.Donovan Bernauer
03/30/2005Updated the background image.Donovan Bernauer
03/22/2005Added second security account to demonstrate multiple user rights and restrictions.Donovan Bernauer
03/22/2005Updated the icons for the files and folders in "Prints & OEMs."Donovan Bernauer
03/21/2005Updated directory names with names found in the sample prints.Donovan Bernauer
03/21/2005Removed the generic copy from the homepage.Donovan Bernauer
03/21/2005Removed the W3C macros and counters.Donovan Bernauer
03/14/2005Replaced the test data with Air-Tec supplied data, under "Prints & OEMs."Donovan Bernauer
03/14/2005Removed location and logo reference from all but the home page and contact page.Donovan Bernauer
03/11/2005Renamed "catalog" folder to "Prints & OEMs."Donovan Bernauer
03/11/2005Added background wallpaper.Donovan Bernauer
03/08/2005Added basic icons to the Catalog.Donovan Bernauer
03/07/2005Added the Security Test.Donovan Bernauer
03/07/2005Updates to parent folder processing.Donovan Bernauer
03/06/2005Initial Offering (beta-2), still awaiting feedback.Donovan Bernauer
02/11/2005Online; beta-1 offering, awaiting feedback.Donovan Bernauer